Attention Says it Best (Quality time)


Often, when I’ve been doing something with her where I’m present and she’s doing something she enjoys, she’ll stop and give me a loving look, lean in for a hug or say something sweet. It’s her way of expressing that she feels loved by my attention.

Today, this happened a couple times.

After a morning where she had plenty of tablet and TV time, I directed her towards advancing in her Brain Quest book. She was a little bit resistant but then quickly engaged, drawn by the desire for attention from me. Plus, she actually likes the book and feeling like she’s learning and mastering things.

After completing a few pages of the workbook, I started lunch. She was excited about the sandwich I was making which was requested to be like the way “Nonna” makes it with veggie chips inside. She came up next to me as I assembled our sandwiches…

Her – “Daddy, I love you so much I can reach the sky.”

I knew she was saying that she felt loved by me spending quality time with her and that she appreciated my efforts. But I like the way she worded it much better.

After lunch, she hugged me tightly, kissed me and said, “You’re my big pal!”

I was touched.

When she feels connected and cared for, she feels the love behind it and expresses her love back. Always it reminds me that nothing says “I love you” from a parent like attention; quality time doing something enjoyable together.

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