Gone in a Blink (Being present, Special moments, Fleeting time)

It’s easy to let the days slip by without remembering those ‘moments’ where there was a special connection or occurrence. In fact, as much as I’ve written about our relationship, I’ve forgotten ninety-five percent of them. They come in like waves of love and then dissolve back into the ocean of time and space.

This occurred to me yesterday as I thought about a few stand-out moments…

In the morning, right after she awoke, she came by my desk and saw the book ‘A City of Joy.’

Her – “What is the City of Joy?”

I explained that it is a novel that takes place in Calcutta, India; that many are in the dire straits of poverty there but wealthy and happy in other ways. Of course, that is an oversimplification, but it got us going.

Me – “Let’s go look at the map. Do you know where India is?”

I headed out towards her playroom where there is a world-map now on the wall with pins of places we’ve been. As we walked, I reached my hand out. She latched onto it and we walked over.

That was it; just that moment of holding hands on the way to look at a map. I felt her innocence. I felt like I was being tender. I felt like a guide sharing a wonder of the world rather than just lost in the routine of another day.

We looked up videos of Calcutta on YouTube, and she got to see the mass of people, the condition of living there

Me – “A little different than running over to Trader Joe’s for groceries, huh?”

Another moment was at night

We were on a Phineas and Ferb cartoon binge, and I had tired of it. In fact, I had tired of seeing the TV on

Me – “Do you want to play?”

She was hesitant at first as she was engrossed, but then showed up in my office a few minutes later. The pull of quality time had won. Good.

Me – “Daddy, let’s play. Can we play now?”

We attempted to start several creative projects but for one reason or another each was not practical to pursue. Finally, after playing a little together on our tablet I decided we should just read. Instead of reading to her, I had her choose a book for her to read.

And, there we were together reading quietly on my bed late at night. I was lost in a book about exponential growth in business, and she was reading about ghosts. Looking over, seeing her able to read on her own, content, just being together…

That was the moment.

And, those moments pass, swept back into the ocean of space and time never to be seen again. Blink and you miss them.

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