Making Her Own Decisions (Health, Fostering independence, Not getting upset over little things)

Tonight, she asked for ice cream. What a surprise. That’s like saying tonight she laughed and wanted to play.

Truth is, I sometimes don’t feel like getting out a bowl and scooping it out. I just eat out of the container, so why not her?

Me – “Here you go. Just eat out of it. But…”

She paused

Me – “I’m going to leave it to you to make a wise decision for your body and not eat the whole thing.”

Her – “Okay.”

Five minutes later, I opened the freezer to get some ice and saw a virtually empty ice cream container with the spoon still in it.

Me – “Bellina! You at the whole thing. I thought you were going to…”

Her – “It melted.”

Me – “I was not born yesterday. It did not melt. There is nothing in here.”

Her – “No, Daddy, really. It melted.”

Life is feeling good, and I don’t feel like getting in a mood over ice cream. Besides, it would be hypocritical. She did what I would have done at her age.

Now, I want to see how long she decides to leave that empty container and spoon in there…

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