Thumbs Up to Cleaning (Personal responsibility, Natural consequences, Order, Valuing parent’s efforts)


Before a full day of activities, I insisted that she get her room and the things littering my office, all remnants from her last playdate, in order. She put up a little fuss this morning.

Me – “Well, we don’t have to do playdates if you prefer not to clean up after them?”

Her – “No! I want to do playdates.”

Me – “Alright then. Clean up.”

Fifteen minutes later with her losing focus and playing around at times while I wrote for my TV Show…

Her – “All done.”

Me – “Your room is all cleaned up?”

She flashed a thumbs up through her house window and nodded

Her – “It is. Really.”

Me – “Everything is put away? The floor is all clean? You swept and mopped?”

She balked at the last question

Her – “Why would you expect me to do that?”

Me – “I wouldn’t. I’m just pointing out in a silly way that I’m not really asking you to do a lot. Just tidy up your things. That’s not a lot to ask, is it?”

Her – “No.”

In my mind, it’s healthy, now and then, for children to be reminded of the efforts parents make on their behalf, not to make them feel guilty but to put requests that are made of them in perspective and to foster appreciation.

Okay, fine, if she gone for the broom I wouldn’t have complained.

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