Protecting Inner Freedom (Fulfillment, Being present, Technology)

We were heading out to bowl in the afternoon and she told me

Her – “We don’t have to take the tablet.”

Me – “We don’t have to.”

Her – “That way you can be free.”

Me – “Be free? You mean so I’m not thinking about taking pictures and I’m just enjoying myself?”

Her – “Yeah. You can just be free to bowl, instead of holding it (the tablet) like this all the time.”

She mimicked me holding a tablet

Me – “I get your point. It’s just that as I think back on all the pictures I’ve taken of you since you were little, if I hadn’t taken them, I’d have forgotten all of the special moments we’ve had.”

She smiled

Me – “How about I take a couple pictures at the beginning, and then I put it away and just focus on our friends and bowling?”

Her – “Yeah!”

And off we went, and I did just that.

I find it so interesting that she was aware of this. Basically, she was saying, “My Daddy takes a lot of pictures, and if I was doing what he does I wouldn’t feel as free as I do.” Her middle name is Freedom, so I guess it makes sense.

As for me, I’m willing to give up a bit of mine to record our journey, but I’ll heed her advice and manage it better.

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