Little Steps Each Day (Fostering independence, Building confidence)


Her – “Daddy, can you make something for me for breakfast?”

Me – “You don’t want watermelon?”

We start our days with fruit and specifically watermelon about ninety percent of the time.

Her – “No, scrambled eggs.”

Me – “Do you want to make them?”

Her – “Yeah, but I don’t know how.”

Me – “You can learn.”

It’s not her first lesson, but I gave her a little more space than usual.

She then turned on cartoons and forgot that they were cooking. I reminded her in time. Come to think of it, I often forget about eggs cooking when I’m doing it. Maybe I’m not the best teacher for that.

Oh well, she buttered and salted them and carried them off feeling good and a little more capable.

Little steps each day…

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