Love Starts Her Day (Love, Morning rituals)

I’m up much earlier than her, but, when I sense she is awakening, I often go over to give her a morning snuggle. Wake her up with a few minutes of nurturing.

It’s always interesting to hear what she’ll say first thing.

It’s usually something to do with love or playing. “Daddy, can we play?” That always cracks me up. Skips right over any greeting. Yesterday morning, it was, “Daddy, I love you.” Very sweet.

This morning, I thought I’d beat her to the punch and say, “I love you” when she woke up. But, before I could time it just right, she snuggled up to me and said quietly

Her – “Daddy, I love you.”

I chuckled that she said it again and before I could

Me – “Thank you, honey. I appreciate your love.”

After a while, we both got up to play, me with my TV show writing and her with whatever she fancied next…

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