Learning Through Living (Embedding learning)


Yesterday, she practiced counting through pool diving for items that were assigned a value. Today, two other opportunities arose where I was able to insert some learning.

At lunchtime, the ravioli I was making called for a tablespoon of oil and a third a cup of water. I realized that I’d never truly shown her the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon. It’s always just, “Grab a spoon, will you?”

So, we reviewed that, and she put the oil into the pan. Then, it was time for discussing thirds with the water. Little things, I know, but it’s math, and it’s within life. I think I’ll do a lot more cooking with her, so she can learn in this way.

Not much later, another opportunity came up.

She wanted to plant some seeds. I asked her to get some advice from our friend on how best to do it.

Her – “No…”

Me – “She knows a lot more about this than we do. Why don’t we learn from her?”

She took me up on it and was told that we should fill them three quarters of the way up.

My girl has had a little work on fractions and percentages at school but not much. So, I took out a piece of paper first and explained quarters. Then I drew a pot next to it and helped her understand three quarters. With her little ‘map,’ she headed outside and handled it.

These are little things, but, I’m thinking about helping her learn in this way much more – through life. Of course, I’ve always done it in a myriad of ways as any parent does, but I’m going to do more now… embed the learning in what she sees as just fun living.

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