Noting Her Wisdom (Leadership, Creativity)

This afternoon, I was feeling a little off as I processed a couple things that occurred in the last couple days. Plopped on my bed to rest while she urged me to play.

Me – “Give me five minutes.”

She tried, but the pull was strong. To her credit, though, she didn’t fight reality. She worked with it, ceasing to ask. Instead, she lightened my mood. We have this little thing that started with me that she likes, too, now.

Pull off the sock very slowly
Tickle in between each toe
Stretch the entire foot
Scratch the bottom of the foot


So, she did this and got me laughing. Only then did she pull me by the hand towards her creative project. Darn, she’s never read a book on leadership and she’s wiser than I am about it. Get the person feeling good, then call them to action.

Fast forward fifteen minutes. We’re building some kind of alien spaceship from our craft box. She seemed to have in mind how things should proceed to the point of resisting my ideas often.

Me – “Why don’t you put that there?”

Her – “Because that’s not what the idea is telling me to do.”

Not sure whether this post is about leadership or creativity, but they were both great reminders to me, if not outright lessons.

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