Sleepy But Listening (Love, Words matter, Bedtime rituals)

Another late summer night for her and her pal. I interrupted their movie (as I said I would) and sent them off to bed while I took a swim. After showering, I was surprised to enter into a silent room. No talking. Well, they wore themselves out. Gave her pal a pat on the back and wished him a good night. Then I headed over to my girl, knelt down in the dark next to her on the blow up mattress she is using and spoke into her ear. She seemed completely out.

Me – “I love you. You’re blessed. You’re loved. You’re worthy. You’re safe. You’re protected and guided. You’re powerful.”

In between each affirmation, I gave her a little kiss on the ear or cheek. On I went to a seemingly unresponsive child…

Me – “I love you just the way you are. You’re good.”

She perked up.

Her – “You mean I’m great?”

I chuckled.

Me – “You’re amazing.”

Her – “You’re amazing. I love you the way you are. I love you always and forever, no matter what.”

Just when you think a child isn’t listening…

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