Topping Off Her Day (Love, Trusting the bond, Bedtime rituals)

Her pal is over for a second night, rounding out the marathon play date. They had another splendid day filled with imagination and fun. While I did play with them in the pool a bit and take them to mini golf, they were mostly lost in their own world.

Come night time, I sent them off to bed while I munched on dinner and watched TV. She had asked if they could chat for a while, and I figured they’d do that for a good fifteen minutes. Five minutes after their departure, though, she appeared…

Her – “Daddy, do you really have to focus on that?”

Me – “Uh… what do you want to me to focus on?”

Her – “Snuggles.”

It kind of surprised me. I had accepted my position as the third wheel throughout the day. Here she was asking me to get back in the driver’s seat.

Me – “Of course! Let me just clean my dish and brush my teeth.”

She waited by the sink while I scrubbed my salad bowl…

Her – “Daddy, I love you.”

And off we went.

For a good ten minutes, I scratched her back and talked to her sweetly. She had a grin of contentment almost the entire time. I was content, too, sending her off happily into dream world and knowing she wanted Daddy to top off her day.

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