It’s In Her (Consciousness, Power thinking, Habit, Self-love)

She plopped in bed tonight after I finally called the curtain on a late day. I was still fiddling at the computer, and I could overhear her talking to herself…

“I’m blessed. I’m loved. I’m worthy.”
“I’m blessed. I’m loved. I’m worthy.”
“I’m blessed. I’m loved. I’m worthy.”

This is something I heard from a video a couple years ago. The message was that it gave you quick access to a higher energy state. On many occasions, we sang these as affirmations while driving, dancing, and jumping on the bed. But we haven’t done it much in the last few months.

And yet, there it is in her.

All you can do with your child is try to give them the awareness and tools they need to craft their best life experience. There is no way to do it perfectly, but it’s always nice to know that some of your attempts succeed.

She may veer this way and that in life, though hopefully not too far before catching herself. If she can remember she’s blessed, loved, and worthy, though, and be the one feeding herself that message, she’ll be just fine.


Right in Front of Me (Gratitude, Fulfillment)

We were getting ready for bed, and I had been listening to a YouTube video on attracting what you want with ease…

Me – “I really want to make this next month of my life incredible.”

She listened. Probably sounds strange for her as she really just marinates in an incredible feeling life all the time. So, she wouldn’t understand trying to get to a place that she’s already in.

Me – “What would make the next month of my life incredible, do you think?”

Her – “Me.”

I laughed and gave her a hug.

Me – “Yes, you, for sure.”

Love Starts Her Day (Love, Morning rituals)

I’m up much earlier than her, but, when I sense she is awakening, I often go over to give her a morning snuggle. Wake her up with a few minutes of nurturing.

It’s always interesting to hear what she’ll say first thing.

It’s usually something to do with love or playing. “Daddy, can we play?” That always cracks me up. Skips right over any greeting. Yesterday morning, it was, “Daddy, I love you.” Very sweet.

This morning, I thought I’d beat her to the punch and say, “I love you” when she woke up. But, before I could time it just right, she snuggled up to me and said quietly

Her – “Daddy, I love you.”

I chuckled that she said it again and before I could

Me – “Thank you, honey. I appreciate your love.”

After a while, we both got up to play, me with my TV show writing and her with whatever she fancied next…

Seeing Beyond Incidents (Consciousness, Perspective, Forming beliefs)

On the way home from school, a few trucks filed in to the road off the highway exit ramp. One of them barged in front of me giving me no choice but to ease on the brakes and let him in. I commented on it. A few minutes later…

Her – “I don’t like trucks.”

Me – “Well, actually, honey, all the food we get at grocery stores is delivered there on trucks.”

Her – “Oh, then I like them.”

Five minutes later, while I was off in my mind…

Her – “I like trucks because they bring us food.”

It’s interesting how our assessment of things shifts when we look beyond a momentary annoyance and see the broader role something plays for ourselves and the whole.

Unexpected Love Bursts (Humor)

She followed me out to the tennis court to do push-ups with me. She got to seven, though I couldn’t see the form because I was fully focused on my own quest. I imagine they were more cute than sharp. On the way back into the house, feeling good from a new push-up high this year, I scooped her up into my arms

Her – “I don’t care if you’re sweaty because I love you.”

Those little bursts of love that come at you when you least expect it are special.

As we entered the house, however, she did say…

Her – “It’s okay you only got to 62.”

Little Steps Each Day (Fostering independence, Building confidence)


Her – “Daddy, can you make something for me for breakfast?”

Me – “You don’t want watermelon?”

We start our days with fruit and specifically watermelon about ninety percent of the time.

Her – “No, scrambled eggs.”

Me – “Do you want to make them?”

Her – “Yeah, but I don’t know how.”

Me – “You can learn.”

It’s not her first lesson, but I gave her a little more space than usual.

She then turned on cartoons and forgot that they were cooking. I reminded her in time. Come to think of it, I often forget about eggs cooking when I’m doing it. Maybe I’m not the best teacher for that.

Oh well, she buttered and salted them and carried them off feeling good and a little more capable.

Little steps each day…

Play Child Play (Imagination, Freedom to create)

Our days go in waves between Me Time and We Time. This provides a healthy balance for both of us.

Earlier today, having had my share of Me Time, I decided it was time to switch gears. First, I had to find her…

Me – “Bellina?”

She called out from our bathrooms

Her – “Yeah?”

Me – “Are you going to the bathroom?”

Her – “No. I’m making a potion.”

I was in a quandary. If I interrupted, I would be getting in the way of her self-expression. If I didn’t interrupt, I risked us not having any shampoo and discovering a mess that would rival a drunken Renaissance painter.

Before I could decide, she ran by with a mischievous grin on her face and then quickly returned with a wand for mixing.

I said nothing. Play, child, play…