Anything is Still Possible (Imagination, Potential, Believing in others)

Her friend emerges from the pool and peeks through the door nearby

Friend – “Can she jump into the clouds?”

A window into their pool discussion.

I rose from my desk and stood in the door. They both waited from inside the water for the answer. Her look caught my attention. This was a moment…

Me – “Well, I haven’t seen her do it, but I think she might be able to.”

She smiled, happy that her sense of possibility had been confirmed.

Friend – “Oh, okay.”

His reaction, which indicated that he thought she might be telling the truth, was especially pleasing to the ear, and he’s eight. Beautiful.

Reminds me of when my girl was nearing seven. I greeted her from around the wall with a hand puppet elephant and a silly voice. She giggled with delight that day.

Her – “Daddy, was that real, or was that you?”

I was startled. It hit me that she really was still lost in the fog of early childhood. The lines on reality were not drawn yet.

And we think reading and math is most important with children. We think too much.

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