Daddy Dating…Ick! (Single parenting, Opening up discussions)

I’ve been dating, but not when she is at home. That means it’s been kept to a low level as she is with me 95% of the time. The other day I sought her opinion…

Me – “Do you think I should date more?”

Her – “No.”

Me – “Why?”

Her – “It’s icky.”

Me – “It’s not icky. If your Mamma and I hadn’t been together years ago, you wouldn’t be here.”

Her – “Oh.”

You might wonder why I would bother asking her. Well, I wasn’t really asking. It was my way of preparing her. My style isn’t to do everything in a ‘Let’s sit down and have a ‘Leave it to Beaver’ talk.’


Anyway, interesting that she didn’t press further.

Maybe I’ll give her another year, and then I’ll explain a few things. In the mean time, our conversation seemed to open up her mind a bit. Sure, I take care of my own life, but everything is considered in how it affects her.

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