Imagination Wins (Fantasy, Creativity, Technology, Giving kids space to imagine)


This afternoon, they both collapsed into a world of tablet and TV. I let it go as, for two days straight, they had played as normal kids ought to… in their imagination. Seeing them on the couch, I figured they were, understandably, exhausted. After letting them park in this state for a long stretch I told her friend that I’d be taking him home in an hour. He was fine with that.

Then suddenly, I hear

Friend – “Come on, Isabella, you’ve been playing on that for so long.”

Her – “Fine. Do you want to do dress up?”

He laughed

Friend – “Okay!”

Caught my attention. They were heading back into their imaginations. After she had been a queen, a phantom and he a ninja swordsman and they had properly dueled, it took on another level…

Friend – “Let’s make a movie.”

Caught my attention again. How could I interrupt this? I would have loved to have the tools for movie-making as a kid. And, this is a child’s creative instinct speaking up. This is sacred ground now…

Me – “Well, if you’re going to make a movie. you’ve got to come up with a story.”

So, they are writing. And, I wanted to practice writing with my girl today.

Creative play wins again. I’m glad her friend nudged her back into the real world for a child. Guess the play date is going a bit longer. Guess I’ll be filming.

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