Protecting Her Innocence (Contentment, Simple living, Technology, Social media)

I try not to say to any of the kids of friends of mine – “I’ve been seeing your pictures on Facebook.” When other people say that to my daughter, I always feel like saying, “Oh, please don’t say that.” The last thing I want is a seven-year old thinking about social media. Instead, I might say to a friend’s child, “I saw from your Mom that you had some fun at Disney, recently. What did you like the most?”

That being said, my daughter has seen me posting pictures of her, and occasionally she asks me about it, like this morning when I was posting a video of her-

Her – “Is that so other people will see it.”

Me – “Well, yeah, some, but I like to post it mainly for Nonna to see. She likes to see a little about your life and feel like she is sharing in it.”

Her – “Oh.”

And, she walked off. Someday, she’ll be on social media herself and checking this and that, but it’s not time for that yet. It’s just time for her to be fully in her own life with no thought of others viewing it.

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