Small Wins Add Up (Accepting where children are, Compounding, Habits, Orderly home)

We still have many moments around here where I look for the closest psychological cliff to temporarily throw myself off in order to avoid the reality of shoes and bowls left around. But… more and more, I catch her putting things away. Or, if she doesn’t and I remind her, she doesn’t fuss much. She gets that she is responsible for her part.

After her morning shower, I discovered her towel on her bathroom sink instead of the floor where it likes to live

Me – “Hey! You didn’t throw your towel on the ground. You put it here. Thanks!”

She smiled.

Me – “How come you put it here?”

The idealist in me was expecting her to say, “Because I didn’t want to just leave it on the floor.” Instead…

Her – “Because I didn’t know where to put it.”

Me – “Well, but at least you thought to put it somewhere.”

I’ll take it.

Small wins, compounding. That’s the great secret. I’m still realizing its power in my own life, and I’m determined to help her understand it, too.

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