Seven and Rich (Gratitude, Fulfillment, Wealth)

It was her bed time, and I asked her to name three wonderful things about her day. It’s one of our rituals, and we both love it.

If she’s very sleepy, she might go for one or listen as I recall some of the highlights of her day for her. Most days, though, she enthusiastically lists seven. She always ends it with me, and sometimes our cat and her blanket all rolled into one. This was one of those nights.

After she was done, I took my turn. She wanted me to go for seven, too, and to make the last one to be about her, which was fine with me. By the time I was done, such a feeling of contentment coursed through me

Me – “I’m so rich.”

Her – “I wish I was rich.”

Me – “You are rich! You are loved. You are healthy. You are happy. That makes you rich.”

She caught on right away

Her – “And I have family and friends I love…”

Seven years old and rich. If she can keep this at the center of her awareness and how she feels, and make everything else a bonus, she’ll have a heck of a ride…

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