Imagination Rules (Rich childhood days, Friendship, Creativity)


Walked by them in the pool this afternoon and thought, “There are many definitions of beautiful, but that is surely one of them… two kids lost in their imaginations.” Isabella was a captain on a boat leading a charge dueling sea monsters. The picture I got was just as they fell overboard.

In the afternoon, I saw another beautiful thing. Her slightly older friend picked up a book. She followed suit. They read for a good thirty minutes.


Around bed time, I said, you two can finish watching ‘American Ninja’ or do one more thing to play. Her friend said he wanted to continue the reading that he started in the afternoon. My girl followed suit. No tablet. No talking. Just quietly reading classic stories ‘Call of the Wild’ and ‘Moby Dick’ to soft music. They bickered a bit at each other on who should turn the light off when they were done, but, hey, I’ll take it. A good day for them…

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