The Values in Sports (Teaching persistence, Teamwork, Effective strategies, Practicing fundamentals, Being coachable)


Tennis and soccer. She likes both. Though I have no designs on her being in pro sports, she’s athletic and very competitive. If she wanted to, she probably could. In a fun and gentle, steady way, I’ve decided to set her up with great tennis swings early in life so if she decides to pursue tennis she has no limits and a clean, explosive game. Taught her an advanced throwing motion for a future great serve when she was four, so she has that. We shall see. But I’d be happy for her if she played soccer, too, growing up. Since she was a toddler, she’s had an unusually strong left foot kick despite being right-handed. Plus, you get to hang with your friends. I played both sports growing up but chose tennis, ultimately, the best sport in the world. This picture is from a couple days ago. We had just played tennis, and we switched to soccer. I have wanted to teach her some basic trapping skills for a while, and, on this day, she was game and picked it up immediately. Fun. One thing is certain, I want her to play sports growing up, while expressing her creative side and following her curiosity. And when I say ‘I want’ it is because she wants it. But yes, I nudge. One does that as a parent and coach when there is interest. She learns about the importance of getting the right insights to excel and the need to be persistent to become very good. This transfers to everything in life.

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