Different Takes on Time (Humor, Awareness, Core values)

My girl isn’t very adept at telling clock time. It’s not her fault. It’s mine. I purposely let her live in the moment and taught her very little about the subject. That has changed recently. Yesterday, in fact, I was helping her better understand one second, one minute and one hour.

Today, a friend of ours was leaving town. She gave a quick hug and then went back to playing.

Me – “Bellina, come with me. Let’s take our time with her.”

Though she was eager to play with her visiting pal, I insisted that she focus on giving more attention to our very good friend. Growing up, my Mom would always stand in the door even if it was a blizzard and see people off. So, she hopped in my arms, and we followed our friend out.

Me – “It feels good to people when they are leaving to have you there waving them off. It shows you care. And, she’s going to be gone eight weeks. That’s a long time.”

Her – “It’s not a long time to the Universe.”

I laughed.

Me – “Well, no it isn’t.”

So many ways to look at time. Guess she has that one figured out.

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