Because It’s Childhood (Creating memories, Adventure)

Had considered getting her a new bike after she completed a near three hundred page workbook ; a workbook she actually enjoys doing. But I never mentioned it. Just mulled.

This morning, it became apparent she really needed something bigger. So, I went for it. Just because. My childhood bikes, after all, weren’t rewards, though some did come at Christmas. That’s fine.

As we walked out of the store having understood that it cost a good bit…

Her – “This is a very special gift.”

Me – “No, honey, it’s not a gift. It’s just what a Daddy does.”

There are some things that are just a must in childhood, and having a nice, new, bigger, shiny bike to enjoy is certainly one of them. Of course, it’s not just a Daddy. Her last bike came from Nonna and Papa. It had a very good life. This new bike will, too. Those times together biking will be the gift to both of us.11180636_10153449016185903_8716162590214147778_n.jpg

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