Both Feeling Rich (Presence, Quality time, Gratitude)

This afternoon, we had our first adventure on her new bike – a two-mile ride to a local island grocery store. She settled on a popsicle, and we sat down outside. She’s had so many playdates lately that I haven’t been able to connect with her as much. But, today, we sat and talked calmly. In my estimation, nothing feels more loving to a child and perhaps a person than one’s loving presence. Not that I’m a master at it by any means, but that’s what she was getting. Out-of-the-blue…

Her – “I’m rich.”

Me – “You’re rich?”

Her – “Yes.”

Me – “Why are you rich?”

Her – “I’m rich because you’re my Daddy.”

Me – “Honey, you always say such sweet things to me. I appreciate that.”

A short while later, we headed home. She expressed pride in herself for not taking a spill on her larger bike. Moments later, she slipped on the raised edge of a sidewalk and crashed to the ground in tears. I raced off my bike. She was startled and had a few scrapes on her knees but okay.

She biked it in, and I was proud of her for that. It’s important to have that inner grit to be able to pick yourself up, a little anxious and bruised, and try again.

Obviously, I’m the one who is rich to be her Daddy.

I’ll tell her tonight at her bed time…

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