Plight of a Smitten Daddy (Quality time, Time is precious and fleeting)

Was watching Anderson Cooper interview Donald Trump, procrastinating getting in the pool. She approached me by the TV-

Her – “Daddy, are you going to watch this or are you going to go out there and enjoy life with me?”

Me – “Just a minute. Go get ready.”

I finally left the TV and headed over to her bedroom, calling out…

Me – “Of course, I want to play with you. Where are you?”

Her – “Getting dressed (for the pool).”

Me – “Great. Let’s do it!”

She was excited to play and have connection time.

Her – “I wish I could stay seven forever.”

I picked her up and looked at the two of us in the mirror, my eyes moistening

Me – “Where you’re young like this and growing up with me?”

Her – “Yeah.”

Me – “Part of me does, too.”

Her – “Daddy, it looks like you have tears.”

Me – “They’re happy tears, grateful tears. Come on, let’s get in the pool.”

We had a blast playing together in the water until it was very dark.

“Daddy, tell me the funniest joke you can.”
“Daddy, look at my handstand.”
“Daddy, let’s race.”
“Daddy, let me stand on your shoulders so I can do challenges.”

Seven is a wonderful age for a child. We can’t stop the clock, but we can make sure we enjoy each turn of it as much as possible. It’s bittersweet. It’s the plight of a smitten Daddy.

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