Proud and Satisfied (Self-initiative, Order, Perspective)

Not sure what prompted it. One dreams of such times. She bops into my office…

Her – “Daddy, come look. See how good I cleaned.”

Me – “Okay.”

In the Great Room were little piles of dirt.

Me – “Nice! What prompted this?”

Her – “I don’t know. I just feel like making the floor nice.”

The arm-chair psychologist in me wondered if she was cleaning as a way to feel control. Maybe I’d been too hard on her. Nope. Maybe she felt like her life was uncertain, lately. Not at all. She just got in a cleaning mood.

This went on for another hour.

Me – “Honey, I think you’ve done plenty.”

Her – “I’m not done.”

Finally, it came to an end. She walked into my office again to tell me and then walked into her room beaming

Her – “I feel proud of myself.”

Well, that was music to my ears. That’s what you want to hear your child say in life, right? She had done something for more than just herself out of her own initiative, and she had done it with excellence.

Me – “Well, because you did it without me even asking and because you did it so well, here you go.”

I pulled out a $5 bill.

Her – “Really, Daddy? This?”

She wanted more, the little Princess.

Me – “That’s five dollars! Guess what I get paid for cleaning the house? Zero!”

She smiled and accepted it happily and went off to her room to count her savings.

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