A Gross Title (Humor)

Forgive me, but yesterday, I corrupted my daughter’s brain by teaching her the diarrhea song. If you don’t know it, I won’t teach you. Suffice it to say that my sister, brother and I enjoyed untold laughs making up rhymes to it when we were little. Can expressly remember the three of us all sleeping on the floor at someone’s house in Germany whom we were visiting, all of us laughing late into the night.

I digress. I usually do. It adds to my point at the end…

So, she listened last night while we played in the pool and giggled as we did, making up her own rhymes.

Fast forward to today. We’re in the pool again, and, while we’re goofing, my subconscious brings up the idea of naming my page about the two of us… ‘Diary of a Smitten Daddy’ or ‘Tale of a Smitten Daddy.’

It was the outgrowth of the way I ended a post about her with the words – ‘it’s the plight of a smitten Daddy.’

Me – “Do you like the title ‘Diary of a Smitten Daddy’ – ?

She gave me a face

Her – “It’s kind of gross.”

Couldn’t understand why she would think it would be gross. Only thing that came to mind…

Me – “Why? You think it’s too girly for me?”

Her – “No, it’s just diarrhea…”

I bust out laughing.

Me – “No, DIARY! Not diarrhea. A diary as in something you use as a journal.”

She laughed.

Then the play on words hit me, and I bust out laughing again only harder and longer

Me – “You have no idea how funny that is- ‘Diarrhea of a Smitten Daddy’ – because some people must surely think that with all that I write.”

I then explained the idiom ‘diarrhea of the mouth.’

Admit it, even those of you who enjoy my little ‘My Girl‘ posts… sometimes you think, “This guy has diarrhea of the keyboard.”

My defense is always the same… a quote of Mark Twain: “If I had more time, I’d write something shorter.”

Anyway, it felt good to have a good laugh a myself.

Needless to day, though, the title won’t be ‘Diary of a Smitten Daddy.’

That’s gross!

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