Time to Talk About Time (Balance, Structure, Life skills)


Made a weekly calendar with my girl this morning. It’s a stretch for me to do this, as I have always made sure to not talk much about time as she grows up. But I’ve decided that if she’s going to advance on the things she and I talk about, we have to build a schedule and not leave it to chance. That is just not working as she’s so in the moment, and I have so many pulls. We planned tap dance, Curiosity Book (research and draw/build something she’s curious about), Italian with Nonna, sports (tennis/soccer), Brain Quest workbook, Friday ‘Family Clean Up’ for an hour, dinner and bed time. We’ll use it until school starts and then make a new one. I think she’ll maintain her free and happy spirit and feel good about following through, especially as she sees it pay off in results and more ease for us with a clean home. Worth a try, anyway…

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