Silently Planning Our Day (Intentions, Clarifying the real outcomes)

This morning, before waking her up for camp, I laid down next to her and just watched her sleeping. It seems her little seven year-old face grows a little fuller each day, not to mention her independence. Silently, I said, “I’m going to love you, be playful, help make your day fun and stimulate your creativity and intelligence today.” That’s not an every day thing conscious mantra, but it popped into my head as sort of a summary of my parenting ideal. You try your best as a parent, but you’re always in a state of renewal, too, trying to build on what you’ve done well and improve on areas where you feel like you’ve been sliding. At least that’s what happens with me. So far so good today. We had a relaxed morning as opposed to our rush to camp yesterday. Now, I’ll see if I can fulfill on all my intentions from the time I pick her up until I help her fall asleep. We have a full schedule of shopping, Italian lesson with Nonna, car cleaning, tap, and her curiosity book. It doesn’t have to go as planned, as long as I hit my marks on my main intentions.

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