Even If I Have to Work for It (Quality time)

A few days ago, there was a lull in her day, and I asked her if she wanted to play. She said no. She was longing to play with a friend her own age who would go into endless hours of imaginary scenarios with stuffed animals, ponies and other made-up beings. I let my disappointment go and set her up with a play date.

It also allowed me to focus on my creative endeavors with focus.

This morning, she has a friend over for a sleepover. My girl woke up about an hour before her and paced waiting for her to awaken. I was writing for my tennis tip video series but thought it was a good opportunity for some one-on-one.

Me – “Do you want to play?”

She shook her head no and mentioned her friend’s name.

Me – “Oh, so you’re seven years old and you don’t play with your Daddy, anymore?”

Her – “I do, but…”

Me – “How about we kick that ball around?”

Her – “Daddy can I play on the…”

She was glancing at the tablet.

Me – “Oh my gosh. You want to play on the tablet over me. Okay, I’ll just be a boring Daddy who sits in front of the computer all the time.”

Her – “Fine. Let’s kick the boring ball.” Off she moped into the play room tapping the ball with her feet.

As soon as I rose from my chair and started after her, she raced off with the ball giggling with delight. We then played a soccer game in the great room for a good fifteen minutes. She was at her normal competitive level trying to use whining and rule-bending to win. She took it 10-9 with a little secret assist from me.

While she was prancing around the house declaring her victory over me, her friend woke up.

Now I’m forgotten again.

It’s perfect. She gets to play with her friend. I get to play with writing my coaching series, and we got in a little connection time, even if I had to work for it.

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