A Rock and a Heart (Connection, Stability, Core values, Making family life work)

It was bed time, and I was snuggling her to sleep.

Me – “You know I’m your rock, right?”

Her – “Why? Because I climb on you?”

Chuckle from me-

Her – “No, you’re a heart. You’re the big heart and I’m the little heart.”

Me – “Aww, well, I’m glad you think of me as a heart.”

It was nice to hear as we had had a challenging day from me being on her case about cleaning up after herself, keeping agreements about that, and the trust that comes from agreements being held. I felt like I’d been micro-managing and lecturing.

Me – “I’m a rock, though, because you can count on me – to love you, to take a stand for certain standards for you and from you.”

She listened and snuggled up close.

I fell asleep like a rock and a heart next to her.

Yes, that is sappy, but the writer in me couldn’t resist ending it that way.

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