It’s a Girl Thing (Humor, Self-expression, Challenging gender stereotypes)

Not being one for social niceties performed like a robot, I used to tell her after she burped-

Me – “Good one, Isabella!”

This was followed my a fist pump. She soon adopted the mantra and move.

People around me thought I was nuts. It confronted their lifelong social conditioning. Eventually, they came to enjoy it even as I began to wonder if it was going too far.

Sadly, it backfired on me.

She has gone on to become a veritable champion belcher. You would be either amazed or horrified at the volume and quantity she can generate.

Of course, a part of me is proud. When I was a kid, I was constantly trying to burp louder and longer. My Mom couldn’t stand it. My Dad always chuckled, which I took as encouragement to keep expressing myself freely.

My girl has occasionally gotten on my wrong side with this skill of hers, though. Imagine being in Trader Joe’s and hearing a burp the sound of lion’s roar. Yeah, I’ve been there as the entire store stopped in its tracks.

But she has learned to manage her public airing of this skill, thankfully.

And, it does bring some funny moments for us.

Just this afternoon, she ran up to me and said, “Is your middle name Sterling?”

Since a little one was cued up, I burped back a “Yes.”

Without missing a beat, she burped back, “Oh.”

We both burst out laughing and did a high five.

It was so unplanned and funny that I’m sure we’ll remember that silly moment for years to come.

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