Actions Over Words (Humor, Prioritizing)

She’s been doing a lot of home de-cluttering this weekend with me. By early morning, she was aching for a playdate. When all her calls to friends didn’t pan out, she asked me

Her – “Can we go bowling?”

Me – “Well, we could, but first we have to check with (Roger) Federer’s schedule.”

Strike a pose…

Her – “Really, Daddy?”

We had a friend nearby who heard the exchange. She burst out laughing at my comment and her response.

As it turned out, I missed the Final, which Federer won, winning Cincinnati over the current #1 Novak Djokovic, for a 7th Cincy title and a return to #2 in the world rankings. Why? I was out driving her around from setting her up with an impromptu play date.

Guess my priorities were her, after all. That’s why I always tell her that actions count more than words.

Still, I can’t believe I missed it. Oh, the agony. Only for her.

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