School Begins Again (School, Structure, Daily parenting chores)

Have her asleep 8:15pm. It’s about 30 minutes than later than my ideal, but it’s a fine start given the summer schedule she’s been on. Had to stay on her every moment, but we managed to get clothes ready, a Skype call in with Nonna and Papa, another chapter in Harry Potter Book 1, and to set her intentions for the coming year…

Me – “Okay, I want you to send out big, big, big intentions to Spirit, to the universe.”

She nodded

Me – “To be safe on all your days there. To have fun! To be surprised by how much fun you’re having at school. To connect well with your teachers and to enjoy each other and your class mates. To make wonderful friends and to have many good times with them. To focus and learn things that are of great interest and that connect you to what makes you feel most alive.”

She tried to play a bit more, but I steered her towards sleep as I walked off…

Me – “So safe, so loved. So safe, so loved. So safe, so loved. All is well. All is well. All is well…”

Walked back, gave her a kiss on the forehand

Me – “You are loved.”

And the school year begins. Tomorrow, I’ll give myself that extra half hour, but I’m pleased.

Now to go pack a school lunch. Hundreds behind me in past years. Hundreds ahead of me. And so it is.

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