Not So Profound (Immortality, Science, Being awestruck, Humor)

On the way to school…

Me – “Look, honey. Look at the sun peeking through the clouds.”

Her – “Oh yeah.”

Thinking about light needing 100,000 years to cross the Milky Way galaxy from the project we did the night before…

Me – “It takes eight minutes for light from the sun to reach us.”

Her – “Has it been eight minutes?”

I asked some questions to figure out she meant how long we had been in the car

Me – “Oh yeah. It’s more like fifteen or twenty minutes that we’ve been driving.”

Then I sort of went off on a tangent about time…

Me – “The clock time says 7:40, but the real time is now.” And coming up with a little saying that I though she might like – “My favorite time of the day is right now… and to think that the sun is just one of 2 billion stars in our galaxy…”

Her – “Is that more than infinity?”

Me – “No infinity goes on forever.”

A pause

Her – “Do footprints go on forever?”

Me – “What do you mean?”

She giggled and went on…

Her – “You know how when you look right into the sun and then close your eyes you see a picture? I just did that, and I saw my footprints.”

Didn’t really know how to respond.

Me – “Well, in a way our footprints do last forever. Who we are and the way we live our lives is left behind and, in a way, goes on forever.”

Thinking I had said something profound for her to chew on, I settled into my chair, the conversation capped off. She quickly topped it, though, with an anti-climactic statement

Her – “Sometimes they fade, though.”

I chuckled. On we drove…

Her Hair My Hair (Beauty, Peaceful parenting, Stages)

With each passing month come changes.

The latest one is with combing her hair. Suddenly, I see her with a comb, well, frequently. And it’s not a quick brush, brush. It’s a long drawn out hair follicle massage she gives herself.

This is quite curious to me as I have at least 20 gray hairs that owe their existence to asking her to comb her hair, asking her again when she wanders off in between my request and her finding her misplaced comb… then asking again when she hasn’t done it and resists, complains… “Why do I have to?”

Will I start to miss the days when she wandered and resisted? Will more gray hairs come as I wait and wait and wait for her to finish.

Hoping to avoid such an existence.

I told her this morning not to end up like someone I know who spends two hours getting her hair and make up done to take the garbage out to the curb. She assured me she has no intention of taking it that far.

So it’s good. She’s combing her hair, finally, without badgering, but she’s not going to waste precious time in life in front of a mirror.

6:45am Thinking (Humor, Beauty)

She was combing her hair this morning as I prepared for the final countdown before liftoff to school.

Her – “Do I look like I’m in a movie?”

Although I’m biased, she looked especially lovely this morning. Hair was combed, wearing a bright, frilly new skirt her Nonna just sent her. How to respond? Hmmm. I said her name with the best Spanish accent I could muster to give it glamour…

Me – “Isabella!”

She smiled and combed on…

Me – “Well, you look so beautiful that you belong in a movie.”

Not the ideal message about beauty. Usually, I tell her she’d look stunning dressed in garbage bags. But this was the best I could do at 6:45am.

Proud of Her Choice (Health, Independent thinking, Freedom)

We had just returned from Trader Joe’s. It was around 6pm, maybe 30 minutes before dinner. She had gotten herself five packs of dried seaweed and a box of soy ice cream bars at the store, and, seeing me unload the contents of the bags on the stove…

Her – “Ooh! Can I have a bar?”

Me – “Sure. You also have seaweed.”

I said it in a matter of fact way, not in a way that indicated any preference. Actually, I had no preference. Whatever she had now she wouldn’t have later

Her – “Seaweed! Seaweed!”

She walked off and flipped on the TV, and I heard herself say enthusiastically-

Her – “Good choice, Isabella!”

She heard me chuckle

Her – “Isn’t it a good choice?”

She asked without questioning herself.

Me – “It is a good choice.”

She’s on a roll today.

Earlier today, I made her a plant-based protein drink. She inhaled it and then followed it up with two glasses of water. I was surprised as I’m always after her to drink water.

Me – “Why are you drinking so much water?”

Her – “Because I want to be healthy!”

She loves her sweets, granted. But, at an early age, healthy eating is a high value. This is becoming more and more common with families and kids. Glad for it.

Order in the Universe (Bedtime rituals, Priorities, Compromise)

She had trouble falling asleep tonight.

It didn’t help that Federer was playing in the Quarterfinals of the U.S. Open. While my daughter is more important, I think she can handle a little less snuggles for something that only comes once a year. In any case, I still spent time looking through a magazine of costumes, tickling her and saying affirmations. I just didn’t do a longer snuggle- more like long hugs and then checking the score. Finally…

Me – “Okay, that’s enough. I’ve snuggled you four times now.”

Her – “But that’s not long. Daddy, I need your “lovins” to fall asleep.”

Just thought it was a cute comment. One to remember.

Fair enough. I could hardly resist that. So, I gave her a fifth quick snuggle.

Happy to report that she fell asleep happily and that Roger won. Order in the Universe tonight, at least on those two counts.

A Very Good Dream (Happiness, Satisfaction, Gratitude)

We were having a snack at the Granary before heading off to Target to find some rain boots for her Orlando trip this weekend…

Her – “What if this is all a dream?”

Me – “What? All of this? You? Me? Everything?”

Her – “Yeah.”

Me – “Like we’re just thoughts in God’s head?”

Her – “Yeah.”

Me – “Well, if it is a dream, it’s a very good one.”

Deal with It (Humor, Not catering)


Tried a new broccoli/chicken/rice concoction with some curry sauce and breadcrumbs. Just thought I’d wing it and try out recipes from friends next week when I have more time. Her comments…

“It looks good, but it tastes bad.”
“You only like it because you’re making it.”
“I cannot believe you like this.”


One tries. I’ll do better next time, though.

She’s still eating it for lunch tomorrow. Expensive, organic stuff, and just because it’s a a little different… deal with it.

Look, I’m all for not forcing kids to eat or do things, but we parents have to be careful not to treat kids with kid gloves all the time and cater to their every desire lest they develop the all-too-common entitlement attitude.