Order in the Universe (Bedtime rituals, Priorities, Compromise)

She had trouble falling asleep tonight.

It didn’t help that Federer was playing in the Quarterfinals of the U.S. Open. While my daughter is more important, I think she can handle a little less snuggles for something that only comes once a year. In any case, I still spent time looking through a magazine of costumes, tickling her and saying affirmations. I just didn’t do a longer snuggle- more like long hugs and then checking the score. Finally…

Me – “Okay, that’s enough. I’ve snuggled you four times now.”

Her – “But that’s not long. Daddy, I need your “lovins” to fall asleep.”

Just thought it was a cute comment. One to remember.

Fair enough. I could hardly resist that. So, I gave her a fifth quick snuggle.

Happy to report that she fell asleep happily and that Roger won. Order in the Universe tonight, at least on those two counts.

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