Proud of Her Choice (Health, Independent thinking, Freedom)

We had just returned from Trader Joe’s. It was around 6pm, maybe 30 minutes before dinner. She had gotten herself five packs of dried seaweed and a box of soy ice cream bars at the store, and, seeing me unload the contents of the bags on the stove…

Her – “Ooh! Can I have a bar?”

Me – “Sure. You also have seaweed.”

I said it in a matter of fact way, not in a way that indicated any preference. Actually, I had no preference. Whatever she had now she wouldn’t have later

Her – “Seaweed! Seaweed!”

She walked off and flipped on the TV, and I heard herself say enthusiastically-

Her – “Good choice, Isabella!”

She heard me chuckle

Her – “Isn’t it a good choice?”

She asked without questioning herself.

Me – “It is a good choice.”

She’s on a roll today.

Earlier today, I made her a plant-based protein drink. She inhaled it and then followed it up with two glasses of water. I was surprised as I’m always after her to drink water.

Me – “Why are you drinking so much water?”

Her – “Because I want to be healthy!”

She loves her sweets, granted. But, at an early age, healthy eating is a high value. This is becoming more and more common with families and kids. Glad for it.

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