Her Hair My Hair (Beauty, Peaceful parenting, Stages)

With each passing month come changes.

The latest one is with combing her hair. Suddenly, I see her with a comb, well, frequently. And it’s not a quick brush, brush. It’s a long drawn out hair follicle massage she gives herself.

This is quite curious to me as I have at least 20 gray hairs that owe their existence to asking her to comb her hair, asking her again when she wanders off in between my request and her finding her misplaced comb… then asking again when she hasn’t done it and resists, complains… “Why do I have to?”

Will I start to miss the days when she wandered and resisted? Will more gray hairs come as I wait and wait and wait for her to finish.

Hoping to avoid such an existence.

I told her this morning not to end up like someone I know who spends two hours getting her hair and make up done to take the garbage out to the curb. She assured me she has no intention of taking it that far.

So it’s good. She’s combing her hair, finally, without badgering, but she’s not going to waste precious time in life in front of a mirror.

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