Her Wisdom Trumps Mine (Happiness, Parenting humility, Core values, Life skills)

Between dinner and when she fell asleep, one thing led to another that led me to discuss a variety of important things:

+The value of learning early in life to be a ‘do it now’ person rather than putting things off

+That people have different notions of God but that whatever your notion is, it’s important for it to show up in your actual life, in the way you treat people

+If you want to get the results most people get, then do what most people do. If you want to get unusual results, then do what few are willing to do

+Be smart with your health and money now and it will pay off when you grow up, giving you options that many do not have

+Habits, what they are, and why they are important

+Being a leader who thinks for yourself and sticks to your own standards instead of being a follower and bending

+That crazy things happen in the world but you have to remember who you are; a person of peace, love, happiness, personal power and choice

All these little messages came about in the span of an hour. It just happened through casual conversation as we prepared her for bed.

She listened to my thoughts and then headed for bed, eager to jump on it and sing.

Her wisdom message is almost always happiness. In fact, the other day, I was explaining some things about two people and their less than noble behaviors. She listened for a while and then said

Her – “Anyway, let’s get back to our happy place.”

I think the things I shared with her are important, but the wisdom she lives and always reminds me of is probably most important of all.