Her Spirit Tells Her (Play, A child’s mind, way and language)

She is still very much grounded in the ways of a young child. Thank goodness. Tonight, she was getting in bed. I lifted the covers and, as she saw them rise, a twinkle in her eye shone. She dove under the sheet and then jumped as I raised it up and down for a bit. Never tires of that. However, I was exhausted. Thought she was, too, but then an opportunity to play was presented…

Me – “You’re just always ready to play, aren’t you?”

Her – “Yep.”

Me – “What does your spirit tell you?”

Her – “To play.”

Me – “Does it tell you anything else?”

Her – “To play all day.”

My spirit used to tell me that. Now, my spirit said, “Eat chocolate… all day.” I am trying to reprogram that to “Eat celery and kale.” It’s a slow process.

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