Kind and Fun (Love, Nurturing adults)

She came through my office on her way to take a shower, but I delayed her and turned it into five minutes of chasing, tackling, and laughing.

It occurred to me while we were playing that adding playful moments like this into our day adds color to her day – and color to mine, as well. It doesn’t take long.

Yesterday, besides all the quality time interaction, I did a spontaneous chase around the living room. Kids, as we all know, love to be chased. That added a splash of color to yesterday.

Recently I read a quote that suggested instead of looking to create a happy life, look to create happy moments. Just keep them coming. Be the generator of them.

I’ll challenge myself to do this even more in my parenting. I don’t care if people think it’s immature, I want my daughter to say, “My Dad is fun. He’s fun to be around and fun to grow up with.”

This stirs up something I else I read along these lines.

A boy whose father died fighting in Iraq. He actually never got to meet him. The reporter asked what he thought his Dad was like. “I think he was kind and fun.”

That’s what kids want; adults who are kind and fun. Heck, I think that’s what we all want. Playful moments here and there is a good start.

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