Low Energy Word (Empowerment, Mindset, Power to choose, Attitude, Persistence, Problem-solving)

We were on the tennis court, and she was trying to hit a two-handed backhand. At one point, after missing a couple…

Her – “I can’t do it.”

She turned away, pouting and upset.

Me – “Oh no, don’t do that. Please don’t use that word on my court. People come here to make their dreams come true. I don’t want that word’s energy here. Take it off the court. Hurry! Get it off my court.”

Her – “I don’t know how to get it off.”

Me – “You know what to do. Just grab it out of the air and take it to the bushes.”

She did it and then got back to trying for a while. She got frustrated a while later, but at least she didn’t use the word ‘can’t.’ And… that was my point.

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