The Wisdom Balance (Reverence for children, Prepping for visits, Powerful thinking, Personal power)

Any time she heads out for a weekend visit with her mom, where I don’t know who all is around her or all the particulars of the environment, we set intentions. Usually, some 10 minutes before she leaves, I’ll say, “Okay, let’s set your intentions for your trip.”

Me – “To have fun…”

Her – “To have fun…”

Me – “To play, love and be loved…”

She murmured them along with me

Me – “To be powerful with your voice.”

Her – “To be powerful with my voice.”

Me – “And to trust yourself. If you’re uncomfortable with something even if an adult is telling you to do it, then you listen to yourself.”

I tapped her heart. She nodded.

Her – “That’s the most important. To trust yourself.”

I was a little taken aback – surprised that she latched onto those words and that, at age seven, they meant that much to her.

Me – “Yes, that’s very important.”

Five minutes later, after more discussion, she was off for the weekend.

It’s a balancing act of trying to guide them thoughtfully while allowing their inherent life wisdom and clarity to shine and lead. There is so much we can learn from them.

They are more unconditional loving.

They know how to get happy and remain happy.

They delight in the journey. They don’t judge.

And on and on…

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