A Time to Share (Bedtime discussions, Love, Understanding and supporting their inner world)

Tonight, I settled her for bed earlier, but she was wide awake. Rather than insist that she settle, I thought it better to help her get her energy out-

Me – “Want to wrestle?”

Her – “Sure!”

We had an epic wrestle ending with us both jumping on my bed while saying “I’m blessed, I’m loved, I’m worthy!”

Back to her bed. I listed some things to be grateful for, then…

Me – “I love your spirit.”

Her – “It’s big.”

Me – “What’s in your spirit?”

Her – “Happiness.”

Me – “What else?”

Her – “Loving.”

Me – “What else?”

She listed “loving Daddy, loving friends, being outside, nature, life, and kindness.”

After a pause

Her – “Well, I’m not really kind.”

Me – “I think you are.”

Her – “Well, I be mean to my friends.”

After correcting her english-

Me – “We all have our moments.”

We talked about kindness and how we’re all trying.

Her – “I don’t have many friends at school. I ask people if they want to activities together, but the say no they’re already doing something.”

Me – “Well, I only had a couple good friends usually in school. Maybe they are just focused already. Maybe you could approach it differently. Ask them if they’d like to do an activity in class together sometime. If they say yes, then ask them what activities they like and share what you like. Do you think you could try that?”

Her – “Yeah.”

When I had finally kissed her good night and was out of her room-

Her – “I want to do better. I want to listen better like when you ask me to pick things up. I want to make changes.”

Me – “I appreciate that you’re being thoughtful. You’re doing fine, though, honey. You’re all right. I may get upset sometimes, but you’re doing fine. You’re all right. But I appreciate it.”

I know that, fundamentally, kids want to hear from their parents that they’re doing okay and loved unconditionally.

Her – “Okay.”

Maybe I didn’t remember every word correctly in our exchanges, but it’s close. You never know what you’re going to get in these night time discussions or ‘reveals.’ It’s a very precious and important time.

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