Papa is Right (Love, Grandparents, Quality time)


She had a fun afternoon at the beach with Nonna and Papa while I coached tennis. Apparently, she ran blissfully with the birds.

In the evening, we went to Chianti, an Italian restaurant, and we had a good time. In the car, on the way home, she and Nonna snuggled up in back and talked. At home, she wanted Nonna to help her get to sleep, say a prayer. They talked for a good bit.

Finally, she called me for the final snuggle. It took her a while to get to sleep. At one point, she rolled over away from me and said-

Her – “Good night world. Good night animals. Good night Da (Daddy). Good night Nonna and Papa. Good night Sandee, Jimmy, Robin. Good night everyone I know.”

Her smiling face turned back to me and she lavished me with kisses and “I love you” statements. Finally, with some meditation music, she fell asleep. I just feel so blessed to be around her; such a happy and loving spirit. She feels the love and she spreads the love.

I left her bedroom and told my Dad about her good night statements. He was quite proud.

Papa – “Don’t have to worry about that girl. She is going to be all right in life.”

My Dad has always had very good judgment. I think Papa is right.

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