Because Love Won (Love, Open discussions, Sexual Preferences)

We were heading to dinner when she asked

Her – “Daddy, why do you like girls?”

Me – “What do you mean? Why do I like girls like you?”

Her – “No, big girls.”

Me – “Oh, why do I like women? Well, when you’re an adult, you have feelings for people that goes beyond just a friend.”

Her – “Is it normal?”

This question, in writing this, I realize comes from me assuring her that some of her thoughts and feelings as a seven year-old are normal. I’ll say, “It’s normal, honey.” And, it reassures her. Plus, it’s true.

Me – “Yes, it is normal.”

I thought about that answer and its implications and decided to expand on my answer.

Me – “Most men like women, but some men like men. And, most women like men, but some like other women. And, some like both.”

At that, my friend in the car sort of coughed. At 56, it was even a bit too progressive for him. Or, rather, he was just surprised that I was so matter of fact with her. But that’s how I am. I continued…

Me – “When people like the opposite sex, they’re called straight. When they like the same, they’re called gay.”

Her – “Is it legal?”

Me – “Well, it didn’t used to be, but it is now.”

Her – “Why?”

Me – “Because love won over judgment.”

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