Extra Entrepreneur Efforts (Kid entrepreneurs, Work ethic, Achieving goals)


Late morning, I inquired about her $1,000 income goal for the summer; a lofty goal for an 8 year-old.

Me – “If you want to achieve your goal, you are going to have to take more action. You can’t just post something every two weeks.”

Her – “Let’s do it.”

Me – “Do you want to work on your fairy garden, sell things or do something else?”

That’s sort of my style. Nudge but then back off and let her choose.

Her – “Sell things.”

Me – “How many things do you want to post? Five?”

Her – “Yeah, five.”

Me – “Or we could just do three.”

Her – “No, five.”

It took us about an hour to select and prepare the items. We lit the floor, and she learned about framing as I complained about photos with feet in them or ones that were off frame. She learned a lot about presenting things in a nice way with lighting, the right angle, etc.

Some of the items needed just a little dusting and polishing.

Me – “You only sell things that you would buy yourself. How is the helmut coming? Is it up to the Isabella standard?”

It took another hour then to do all the write-ups. I led the way with that, but we discussed pricing. First we researched what that product could be found for at a used price online. Then, we evaluated its condition and the price that we thought would be motivating. I guided, but she made the final decision. I did this on the computer and she accessed the account through my phone and added images. More learning.

After the fourth item was written up and posted, she was, understandably, getting tired.

Her – “How about that’s enough?”

Me – “Okay, but we’re so close. I already have it started.”

A little nudge to develop that muscle to make the extra effort. She’ll need that as an entrepreneur and in life, generally.

Her – “Okay. Daddy, put that it’s ‘Like New.'”

Me – “Well, I think we should just say the leather jacket is excellent. Better to under promise a little.”

We high-fived when it was posted, and she was beaming.

Me – “I’m proud of you for doing all of that. Now when you’re gone for the weekend you’ll have items being sold and possibly making you money.”

Her – “Daddy, if someone wants to buy while I’m gone can you send a text and let me know?”

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