Sending Out Love (Consciousness, Love)

Her – “I wonder where Jimmy is and how he’s doing?”

Me – “I don’t know.”

Her – “Poor Jim.”

Me – “Do you want to send him love?”

Her – “Yeah.”

We rubbed our hands together, feeling like we were building up the love, and made a swoosh sound as we released the energy projected to him.

Her – “Do you still miss Carl?”

Me – “Yes.”

Her – “Let’s send it to him.”

Me – “Okay, let’s send it to him on his journey on the other side in spirit form.”

Rub hands, build up the love and swoosh!

Her – “Let’s do it for our friends, too.”

Me – “Great idea. For our family and friends all over the world whom we admire and love and appreciate…”


Me – “Those are nice thoughts that you had, Bear.”

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