Federer and Italia (Humor)

She got back from her Mom’s for a visit and wanted to watch TV. My Mom and Dad are here, and Italy was playing Spain in the Euro. My Mom very patiently nudged her into giving her the TV to watch. Isabella counted down the minutes like she was watching grass grow. When Italy had won, she turned the station only to see Wimbledon on.

Me – “Wait! That’s Federer. Don’t turn the station.”

She turned it back and then to cartoons and then back quickly.

Me – “You might as well get used to no TV for the next two weeks. Wimbledon is on. Even when we’re sleeping I’m leaving it on so Wimbledon energy gets in the air.”

My Mom laughed.

I was serious.

Italian Football and Federer at Wimbledon…


Phineas and Ferb will just have to wait.

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