You’re Capable (Self-image, Confidence, Independent thinking)

She called out from the other room where she was watching TV. She was alarmed but not panicked.

Her – “Daddy, there’s a wasp in the house!”

She was, of course, asking me to come and take care of it. In a calm “nothing to it” tone I responded

Me – “Okay, open the door and let it out.”

She got up, and it went quiet.

Me – “Did you open the door? Is it out?”

Her – “Yeah.”

Me – “Nice going handling it.”

The message?

“You’re capable. You don’t need me to save you from most things. You can figure it out. But… if you stumble or get overwhelmed, yes, I’ll be there. Even then, unless you’re in immediate danger, I probably won’t save you fully. I’ll help a bit as you get it done for yourself.”

You can do it. I know you can.

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