Kid in the Parent (Conscious parenting, Playfulness)

We were in the pool and, out-of-the-blue

Her – “Papa said you have a man’s body but inside you’re really a kid.”

I laughed

Me – “He said that?”

Her – “Yeah.”

Me – “Well, that’s nice to hear. Part of me is a kid.”

Her – “You’re playful.”

That warmed my heart to hear from her perspective as I’ve wanted to be a more playful parent. I think I’ve been too serious.

Anyway, through the window I could see my Dad

Me – “My Dad was fun to grow up with. He spent time with me. He laughed when I did long burps and let me be silly and enjoyed it. I felt free around him. Then sometimes he would get really firm but not too much.”

Her – “Like you get mad.”

Me “Yeah but not too much. I try.”

It’s nice to see that my attempts to be loving and more playful in moments throughout the day are felt and seen. That makes me want to do it even more.

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